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Sprout Management System

Best Planning Tool for Sprouting

Discover the easy and effective way to schedule, track, and optimize your daily sprouting process from the convenience of your computer, tablet, and mobile phone, and effortlessly keep YOUR healthy lifestyle on track!

Weekly Sprout Intake Indicator

The sprout indicator is a percentage to help you stay organized and well stocked with sprouts for the upcoming 7+ days based your current inventory of sprouts and your past history.

Supports All Types of Containers

eSprouting's system works seamlessly with all types of sprouting containers, from a simple sprouting jar to an automated sprouting solution.

World-Wide Price Comparison

Save money by comparing prices on sprouting seeds in online retailers across your country.

Current Activity

Self-Educated Engine

An engine that dynamically adjusts sprouting characteristics of sprout mixes, seeds, and grains based on the captured results performed by you and other users.

Customizable List of Sprouts

Add, modify, or delete sprouting seeds, grains, and mixes on your list, and customize characteristics such as: the minimum time needed for the seeds to be soaked in cool water, etc.

Wide List of System Criteria

User geography and time zone; preferred sprout length; average sprouting time; seeds and grains availability; frequency of rinsing and soaking; number of meals with sprouts user prefers to eat daily; etc...

Integrated Shopping List

The onboard Shopping List integrated with the sprouting seeds price comparison feature enables you to track the availability of your grains and seeds at any time to avoid any unwarranted interruption in your weekly sprouting process.

For your convenience we monitor prices on sprouting seeds in online stores that provide shipping
(in USD) *
(in USD) *
(in USD) *
Alfalfa $10.90 for 1lb $4.69 for 4oz $13.56 for 1lb
Arugula $23.32 for 1lb $12.74 for 8oz
Basil $19.18 for 1/2lb
Adzuki $7.26 for 1lb $7.19 for 16oz $7.62 for 1lb
Garbanzo $4.19 for 8oz $6.79 for 1lb
Mung $6.54 for 1lb $2.69 for 4oz $7.90 for 1lb
Broccoli $29.75 for 1lb $9.79 for 4oz $10.19 for 4oz
Kale, Green $14.20 for 1/2lb
Lentil, French $7.77 for 1lb $8.49 for 1lb
Mustard, Oriental $9.89 for 1lb
Quinoa, White $9.55 for 1lb $12.71 for 1lb
Rye $5.45 for 1lb $6.19 for 16oz
Spelt $7.14 for 1lb $7.19 for 16oz $5.99 for 1lb
Wheat $4.20 for 1lb $5.69 for 16oz
Clover, Red $10.47 for 1lb $4.19 for 4oz $10.19 for 1lb
Pea, Green $6.55 for 1lb $3.49 for 8oz $6.79 for 1lb
Radish, Daikon $10.80 for 1lb $4.99 for 4oz $11.87 for 1lb
Kamut $7.97 for 1lb $10.19 for 16oz $7.22 for 1lb
Amaranth $8.37 for 1lb $8.19 for 16oz
Bean, Soy White $6.05 for 1lb $4.19 for 8oz $6.39 for 1lb
Buckwheat Groats $6.96 for 1lb $7.19 for 16oz $6.79 for 1lb
(*) Provides shipping to your country

Never guess on sprout growth again, with the eSprouting easy-to-track system dedicated to keeping your living food on point!