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  • Barley, Hull On

**Barley** is a member of the grass family and is a major cereal grain. It is also one of the first cultivated grains. With fresh and green flavour. Barley is better to eat hulless however if you have enough ToothPicks at home Hull On is the way for you!
**Barley** has protein up to 30%

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Weight (in USD) SproutPeople (in USD) * HandyPantry (in USD) * SproutMan (in USD) *
8oz $3.99
1lb $5.97
16oz $5.15
2.5lb $9.09
4.5lb $14.76
5lb $4.25
10lb $8.50
25lb $49.99
30lb $58.99
50lb $75.99
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