Price Comparison on "Sunflower" sprouting seeds in Canada
  • Sunflower

**Black Oilseed Sunflower** sprouts are a delicious, nutty, and crunch sprout! Sprouts come in shell and are a green. Great in salads and smoothies as a additional taste!  
Lots of Vitamin A, B, C, E, and Protein up to 20%

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Weight (in CAD) SproutPeople (in USD) * HandyPantry (in USD) * SproutMan (in USD) * SproutMaster (in CAD)
75g $3.49
150g $5.49
1lb $9.36 $13.95
1kg $11.49 $11.75
5lb $59.75
5kg $39.49 $49.95
25lb $288.75
(*) Provides shipping to Canada
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