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Welcome to eSprouting

eSprouting web application is a comprehensive free online system for growing sprouts in home conditions. eSprouting system works seamlessly with all types of sprouting containers, from a simple sprouting jar to automated sprouting solutions.

Self-Educated Engine

An engine that dynamically adjusts sprout mixes, seeds and grains sprouting characteristics based on the captured results performed by you and other users.

Supports Most Types of Sprouting Containers

The eSprouting System works excellently with any kind of Sprouting Jars, Cartridges, Trays, Sprouting Bags and Home Sprouting Farms.

Customizable List of Seeds, Grains and Sprout Mixes

Regardless of the status of your sprout, new or existing, you can customize its various characteristics such as: the minimum time needed for the seeds to be soaked in cool water, the frequency of watering the seeds, etc.

Vegetarian Friendly

Plants are the most important sources of vital nutrients for good health, and a diet that is primarily comprised of plant-based foods is highly recommended for long lasting health and vitality. Sprouts are some of the healthiest plant food sources.

Consuming sprouts daily energizes you and makes you full of good health, it also clarifies your thinking, and soon becomes part of your system!